Our focus is on helping individuals facing legal issues. We will vigorously defend and support each client according to their unique needs. Our practice areas allow us to counsel clients through differing stages of life, and through compounding issues which may arise.

The Seekie Firm takes pride in holding itself to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. Located in the heart of Macon, GA, we represent individuals throughout the state seeking to improve the administration of justice.

Practice Areas:

Criminal Law

An arrest is the seizing of a person by lawful authority. Though this is commonly known, the event of being arrested takes many by surprise as they are unaware of an issued warrant, or uncertain of having engaged in any illegal activity.  The fact that you were arrested does not waive any of your legal rights, however, your communications during this time could affect your case.  Let Seekie Law Firm fight for your rights and secure the best results for your case.

    • Misdemeanors

      • DUI

    • Felonies

      • Drugs

      • Thefts

      • Property Offenses

        • Arson

        • Burglary

        • Criminal Trespass

      • Violent Offenses

        • Aggravated Assault

        • Armed Robbery

        • Sex Crimes

        • Murder

      • Juvenile

        • Delinquency

      • Federal

      • Other Areas:

        • Mental Health Defense

        • Bond/Bail hearing

        • Probation Violations/ Revocation

Immigration Law

The laws addressing U.S. citizenship and lawful status are constantly changing. We understand that representing immigrants who are not yet citizens in criminal cases has possible immigration removal and deportation consequences. Let us review your conviction and determine whether your conviction is eligible to be overturned or mitigated through various forms of post-conviction relief. Schedule your consultation with The Seekie Firm today to review your conviction and let us assist you in the crimmigration process and determine the best option for you and your family. You may require our assistance to prevent deportation, loss of employability or denial of citizenship if you have been convicted of the following:

      • Crimes of moral turpitude

        • Domestic Violence
        • Drug Offenses
        • Fraud/ Forgery Offenses
        • Sexual Offenses
        • Weapons Offenses
      • Record Restriction/Expungement
      • Removal from Registry
      • Repeat offenses
      • Felony Offenses

Areas of Immigration Representation include:

      • Removal Defense/Deportation
      • Consular Processing
      • Family Based Visa Petitions/Lawful Permanent Resident
      • Post Conviction Relief

Family Law

The devastating nature of a divorce can cause anxiety and confusion during a time when you need focus. Whether you are contemplating marriage, recently separated, or fighting for custody, do not undergo this process alone.  The Seekie Law Firm can help provide clarity and support, to ensure that your desires are known and executed.

      • Divorce

        • Uncontested
      • Family Violence Protective Order
        • Restraining Order
        • Stalking Protective Orders
      • Legitimation

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